May 24th West Buttress Team – All The Best From AK

After a successful summit on the 9th, our team took our time moving down from High Camp to reap the benefits of oxygen rich air at Camp 3. We spent a few hours resting and then continued our descent. On the way down we stopped at our other camps to dig up our caches and rest a bit.  When we made the trip down the Kahiltna, we strategically moved through the night to ensure more secure travel on the lower glacier.
We arrived back in Base Camp at 7:30am on the morning of June 11th, completing our final push of 10 hours. The team finally got to celebrate after a long night of moving, and before we knew it, we were all back in Talkeetna safe and sound!
That night we had our final dinner together at The Mooses Tooth where more than a few team members ate their weight in pizza! It was a very successful trip for all of us, making it safely to the summit and back to Base Ccamp in 17 days. Every member of the team contributed to the success of the team as a whole. Everyone not only showed up in great physical shape, but all members had extremely positive attitudes throughout the expedition.
The success of the team would not have been possible without the help and and support from other Mountain Trip teams and our dedicated office staff back in Colorado and up here in Alaska. Thank you to all the friends and family members of the team who continued to listen to our dispatches and followed us both up and down the mountain.
Jesse Wright
-Lead Guide
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