May 24 Ski Team Moves to High Camp!

The team was able to move up the fixed lines yesterday and make a new home at High Camp! As reported, the team will be able to decide now when to make their summit bid. Denali has seen a long lasting warm and sunny high pressure system which has allowed teams to move comfortably up the mountain. We hope this team continues to see good weather and is able to make an attempt at the summit soon.

This team does mention helping out with some distress on the mountain. We just want to make sure you know this does not involve any Mountain Trip teams. All of our teams are doing well. Denali is a big, tough mountain and the upper reaches are not to be taken lightly. These things do happen from time to time. We are glad our teams are all healthy, and that they were able to assist some other folks who needed it.

climbers on denali headwall

Climbers from a Mountain Trip team in 2021 navigate the bergschrund and start up the fixed lines.


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