May 23rd Team Moves to Camp 3

Nick Ciuzio called in with a very special message from 14,200′ in a broad basin known as Genet Basin, right below the massive West Buttress of Denali. The team broke camp at their Camp 2, strapped crampons to their mountain boots and carried their heavy packs up a series of moderately steep slopes that commenced immediately out of camp.

They arrived in Camp 2 under blue skies and set about establishing a fortified camp, meaning they cut heavy blocks of firm snow from the bed of the glacier and built walls around their tents to afford shelter from the winds that can sweep through camp. Tomorrow, they will drop down out of Camp 3 for about 20 minutes, collect the cache they placed at around 13,500′ and return to camp for the day.

Here’s Nick!


And here he is again, in a post that was cut off a bit prematurely. His message is special and definitely should be heard a second time!

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