May 23rd Denali Team Watching the weather from 14,200 ft

The May 23rd team is ready to move and just watching the weather for a chance to go to high camp. They’ve waited out a couple of stormy days, but better weather is in the forecast through the weekend which might just give the team the shot they need! They’re ready to move and spirits are high at 14k. The route above them is the most technical and engaging of the climb of the West Buttress, from the basin they are camped in, they’ll ascend towards the West Buttress ridge. The climbing get’s gradually steeper as they climb towards the ridge until the final 800 ft turns into a steep face where they’ll clip into a fixed line to help their progress to the ridge at 16,200ft. They’ll follow this narrow ridge line for the final 1000 vertical feet of climbing into camp at 17,200ft. The climbing is challenging and the views are amazing as they gain this last bit into camp.  Hoping they’ll get a shot in the morning!

Here’s the team checking in this evening.


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