May 23 Everest Expedition Dispatch

We are all down from Everest!

Greg and Vanessa are already in Kathmandu after being whisked away by helicopter from Camp 2 this morning. Greg has some frostbite and is going to visit the clinic/hospital in Kathmandu to get that looked at and treated right away.

Our entire Sherpa crew made it down to base camp with everything from Camp 2 this afternoon, so no more trips up the mountain or through the Khumbu Icefall for our team this year!! We are grateful to be back down in the warm thick air, and happy to have had the chance to stand on the summit of Mount Everest a few days ago.

We’ve got a couple of busy days of packing and organizing here as we break down our base camp, and then we will all be heading to Kathmandu. I’ll post a final dispatch from Kathmandu to wrap things up in a couple of days, but for now I’ll add a few pics from our summit day and get back to work here at Everest Base Camp.

Thanks to all for the thoughts and support over the last weeks/months.


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  1. Was worried for a while since hearing about a large group suffering from frostbite, and a couple fatalities from high altitude sickness.
    Glad to hear the group is doing fine

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