May 22 Team – Hoping To Move To High Camp

May 18 2016 team 14 camp

May 22 2016 team 14 camp

Our May 18th Team is still tucked in at the big, bustling 14,200′ camp, in the broad, Genet Basin. They are camped at the upper end of a system of thick clouds, wind, and snow that has enveloped the lower mountain in recent days. We have a team above them at 17,200′, with whom they are in communication, so hopefully, the conditions higher up will be suitable for the crew to push up to High Camp.

Lead Guide Dan Starr sent a couple of pictures of the team, one shot in the sanctuary of our kitchen tent and the other outside, with 17,500′ Mount Foraker in the background.

May 22 2016 team in tent at 14k

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  1. Looking great!!!! Love getting these updates and seeing how the team is progressing. Everyone seems to be in great spirits.

  2. Hey dad (Craig)
    Great to see pictures! You’re looking well, we hope the weather improves. We don’t think you’ll summit we know you will! Penelope had a check up today 95th percentile 50 is average… It’s okay she’s now the height of a 2year old ?. You’ll have to come visit soon before she’s the height of a teenager haha.
    We love you and miss you!

  3. Hi Brian,
    It’s Saturday night and we are very excited to hear that your team hopes to move up to High Camp soon! We love learning about your mountain trip adventure through the beautiful pictures of scenery surrounding you and the awe-inspiring descriptions of the climb posted on the trip reports. Wishing for nice sunny weather for your team!! Thinking of you always! Love, Grandma and Annemarie

  4. Good luck guys. Chris, remember I spent 5 days at 17k’ with Scott Woolums and crew from MTn Trip in 96.. You have had a cakewalk so far!!! Can’t wait to hear the stories and be safe. John Rudolph

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