May 22nd West Buttress Denali Expedition – Back Carry below Camp 3

Assistant Guide Dylan (our best guess) called in to report that the May 22nd West Buttress Denali Expedition has completed their “back carry” and retrieved their cache below Camp 3!

Listen in here: Audio Recording

Now that the May 22nd Team has all of their equipment with them at Camp 3, they can settle in to life at 14,200′ and begin planning their move on to the upper mountain.

Heading down with empty packs and sleds to retrieve a cache, aka the “Back Carry”.

For this international team, hailing from 5 different countries, Camp 3 is where the climbers may get the chance to encounter some of their fellow countrymen and speak their native tongue. Since Camp 3 sits in the beautiful depression of Genet Basin, climbers can walk un-roped from camp to camp meeting folks from the various other expeditions also ascending the mountain. Here you see many flags being flown from countries all over the world!

Camp 3, a small city of climbers during the height of Denali season.

FUN FACT: There are currently 418 climbers on Denali at the moment (out of the 981 registered to climb throughout the season), according to the National Park Service! That makes this week, “peak season”.

Best of luck to the May 22nd team, and we hope they enjoy those “walking tacos” that Lead Guide Karl cooked up for dinner! 

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  1. Wath a trip. The pictures you post say more than a thousend words. Hope everything turns out well so you can reach the top on monday. In the meanwhile we are your biggest fans. Stay safe and healty and hope to hear you very soon.

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