May 21 Team Carried Around Windy Corner

One of the climbers from the May 21st team called in to update us on the team’s day carrying loads up and around the infamous Windy Corner today. They donned crampons for the climb this morning, which commenced with a 1000′ (300m) ascent up a moderate snow slope known as Motorcycle Hill.  Above this point, they climbed up a series of slopes that were a bit steeper and firmer snow and ice, a stretch known as Squirrel Hill.

Topping Squirrel Hill, they they followed a long rising ascent along the edge of a small glacier, bordered on it’s north by the immense crags and steep couloirs of the West Buttress proper.  The Buttress is rather broad at this aspect, but a steep ridge drops down at it’s eastern edge, forming a sort of corner around which climbers must pass to reach the next camp.  This corner often accelerates winds, resulting in it’s moniker of “Windy Corner.” Today, it was rather benign, although the temperature was quite cold.

After passing the corner, the team climbed a bit further to a flat spot at about 13,500′ (4115m), where they dug their cache. After depositing their loads in a deep hole chipped from the firm snow and ice to protect their supplies from marauding ravens, they descended back to camp at 11,200′ (3414m).

The climber did not leave his name, so if you recognize the voice, please append a comment with his name, so we can give credit where it’s due!


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