Yesterday a team of climbers from around the globe met in Anchorage to begin an epic journey. The climbers have spend many months training, collecting the appropriate gear, and dreaming about their upcoming adventure. It was a busy day in Anchorage, starting with a team meeting and equipment check at the Millennium Alaskan Hotel. The team met their guide, Alaskan Eli Potter, and they spent some time picking up last minute items in Anchorage.  Today the team headed up to Talkeetna, the stepping off point for Denali expeditions. After participating in a mandatory National Park Service climber orientation, the team will get their bags weighed and loaded in to one of Talkeetna Air Taxi’s glacier planes.  Then it’s off they go!

Let’s meet the climbers:

Klara Polackova from the Czech Republic

Jay Richards from sunny San Diego, CA.

We will endeavor to post updates as often as we receive them and the team will call in audio updates as often as possible. As simple as making a  call sounds from the comfort of home, it can seem a bit challenging at times while on a big, cold mountain like Denali. If the wind is howling and the snow flying, the team may not ring us, so please hold onto the old axiom, “No News is Good News.” We encourage you to post comments for the team, but please understand that it is not possible for us to regularly pass your comments along to the climbers while they are on the mountain. They will certainly appreciate your good wishes and kind thoughts once they return to “civilization” and read your posts, so please add your voice to their dispatches.

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