May 20 Team – Meet the Team!

Our May 20th team met in Anchorage yesterday and is currently in Talkeetna, preparing to fly to the glacier!

This diverse crew has gathered together from around the world to join us on one of our Highly Supported Denali climbs.  This is a somewhat different sort of expedition, in that we will staff it at a much higher level than is traditionally found on Denali.  This and some other “tricks of the trade” enable our climbers to have a Denali experience with a lighter weight pack than a typical climber.

The team, loaded and ready to head to Talkeetna!

Let’s Meet the team!


Miguel Madrid from Spain

Robert Imershein from NY, USA

Chris Salter from Australia

Premlata Agrawal from India



Eric Larson from Colorado

Sebastian Grau from Chile

James Gustafson from Alaska

Mike (Miguelito) Sibalski from Colorado

Evan Pletcher from Colorado



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