May 19th West Buttress Expedition – Waiting for Weather Window at High Camp

17 nights on the mountain and still stoked! Assistant Guide Joe called in from High Camp to report that the team is feeling optimistic that Friday will provide them with good enough weather to make a summit attempt!

Here’s Joe: Audio Recording

The May 19th team has now officially spent THE MOST time on the mountain of any of our Denali teams so far this season. Remember, they’ve got 22 days to work with, according to our permitted dates which are set by the National Park Service. So, they’ve got a few more days to wait for that perfect weather window to go for the top!

A busy High Camp with climbers heading up the Autobahn in the background.

The May 19th Team has company up at High Camp, fortunately, as many other teams (including our May 22nd team) are also hunkered down waiting for the weather to improve. Hopefully, Friday’s forecast pans out and all the teams get to go up!  

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  1. Uhhh fingers crossed everyone!! I send some ☀️ and good weather vibes from Germany!! 🚀🚀
    We‘re rooting for you Adrieeeen ♥️

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