May 19 Denali Team Is At Camp 1

Lead Guide Adam Smith called in from the team’s Camp 1 on the Kahiltna Glacier.  They flew into Denali Base Camp on the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier yesterday, spent some time reviewing glacier skills and campcraft, before getting to bed in preparation of an early departure.  The route actually descends from Base Camp down onto the main body of the Kahiltna Glacier, because glaciers are like frozen rivers, and their tributaries flow downstream to join the main current.

The team is doing great, with everyone in high spirits and thankful to be on the move.  Today was a tough day, with the biggest loads of the expedition, packed in their backpacks as well as in sleds that each climber towed.  Sleds make it possible to transport the 100+ pounds of food, fuel and supplies necessary for a 3-week climb on a big, cold mountain.

The plan for tomorrow is to carry loads of supplies up to a point not too far below their next camp.  They will then return to 7800′ for the night.  this process of climbing high and sleeping low is a tried and true way for climbers to both move their mountain of supplies, but also ease into each new elevation before committing to it by moving camp higher.

Here’s Adam!

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  1. Thank you Adam for your report! I do hope you’re all doing great! Please send my love to Mauri! Big hug for the whole team!

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