May 18th Everest at Camp 3

We had a beautiful morning for our move up to Camp 3 today. We are at just over 23,000 ft. (7,000 m) here, and are spending the afternoon relaxing and taking advantage of the supplemental oxygen for the first time during our expedition. Everyone did very well this morning on the move up to Camp 3, and we plan to keep that momentum and keep climbing up to Camp 4. We will depart for the South Col tomorrow early in the morning, around 4 am.

From this point forward we will be both climbing and sleeping with supplemental oxygen to help our brains and bodies function as efficiently as possible at this high altitude. The weather is looking good for us for the next couple of days, so with some luck and a lot of effort, we will go for the summit in just two days, on May 20th!

–Bill Allen, Owner/Guide Mountain Trip International. Sent from my iPhone from Mount Everest.

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