May 18th West Buttress Team — Move to Camp 14,200′

The whole team calls in from their cook tent at Camp 14,200′ after some tasty potato broccoli soup! A successful move day to Camp 14,200′ sets them up for life on the upper mountain. Weather is pleasant and the views are beautiful. As noted, “Windy corner even wasn’t that windy.”



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  1. Dear Darling Cameron, my third son… I have been tracking and following you everyday and I am very excited for you and your team! So happy that everyone is healthy and doing well and eating yummy things like tuna and broccoli/potatoe soup!!! You are an amazing young man, such a leader – kind, extremely capable, very handsome, and your team is lucky to have you! I MISS YOU and cannot wait to hear about this adventure! Nothing new at the beach…Paige graduated two weeks ago, the rescue cat Stella peed all over the sofa -not the cool kitten Tula seh would never do that haha, (so gross, never had an animal do that before) Mack bought a new truck and he and Sarah are well, Jeremy is proposing to Ellie this Sunday..Shhhhh NOBODY knows but by the time you get this on the mountain it will be old news, but DO NOT SAY ANYTHING until after Sunday!!! Teddy is in LOVE with Andrea (he met her family last weekend and is going to Cabo with them for 4th of July…this could be the one- he is whipped for sure ) I’m driving the folks up to Tahoe in a few weeks.. hoefully you can go to Tahoe before you boys do your San Francisco Tri! I have a crazy job, but it is going well so far! Been back swimming a lot in the ocean…swam with a pod of dolpins this week which is just my favorite thing! Larry is Larry! so that is the news from Hermosa Beach!!! LOVE YOU!!! Mama Trish

  2. Wow, you guys are powering up that mountain! Glad to hear you are even enjoying some sun at camp 14200 🙂
    Well done everyone and keep safe!

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