May 17 Team Moves to High Camp!

Unfortunately Jason’s trip dispatch was cut short, but nonetheless it’s nice to hear his voice and to hear that the team made the big move from 14 Camp to High Camp at 17,200′. It’s an exhausting day, but completely exhilarating to climb the fixed lines, wind along the ridge, the arrive at High Camp. The views of the Alaska range are breathtaking! Tonight and tomorrow the team will be resting, eating, hydrating and monitoring the weather for an opportunity to make the final push to the summit.

Climb Denali - Guides High Camp

A fortified Mountain Trip team at High Camp

Here’s Jason:


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  1. Hi Son good luck to everyone on the last leg
    All is well at home , brownie still travelling okay kids are messy but fine x

  2. Nice to hear your voice Jason. Sounds like a grand adventure!
    I am enjoying the daily reports
    Good luck on the last leg.

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