May 18 Team Descending to Basecamp

Guide Chris Dickson calls in from Camp 3 last night. After a successful day on the summit of North America’s tallest peak (20,310 6190m), the team descended back to High Camp (17,200′ 5242m) where they spent the night after a very long day, crawling back into their sleeping bags sometime around midnight most likely. Yesterday morning, the team woke up and packed up camp to descend for about 4 hours back to Camp 3 (14,200′ 4328m) where another Mountain Trip team had water waiting for them. They rested here for a few hours, hydrating and refueling, before making the long march from Camp 3 all the way back to Basecamp (7,200′ 2194m) overnight. Sometime this morning, they likely arrived in Basecamp and are awaiting a flight back to Talkeetna (348′ 106m) where they can breath in that low elevation air and enjoy the green things of spring time in Alaska.


Here’s Chris!


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