May 17th West Buttress Denali Team – Moves to Camp 1!

Assistant Guide Boaz calls in from the May 17th West Buttress Denali Team calls in to report that they made quick work of the lower Kahiltna Glacier and are now resting at Camp 1.

Most notably, Boaz reports that they did not need snowshoes to cross the flat glacier between Basecamp and Camp 1, which indicates conditions were firm and ideal for traveling in just mountain boots!

While snowshoes provide our climbers with flotation and prevent them from sinking into deep snow as they ascend the mountain, they are a bit cumbersome to walk in… So, whenever climbers get a chance to stroll along in just their mountaineering boots, its a joy!

Climbers strolling up the Kahiltna Glacier, this time with snowshoes.

Give a listen to find out what the May 17th Team had for dinner at Camp 1!

Audio Recording

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