May 17 West Buttress Team rest day at High Camp

Jason Swan called in from the May 17th team.  They are nestled in at the 17,200′ High Camp, awaiting a break in the series of low pressure systems that have kept them from making a summit bid thus far.  They have plenty of time, and are in good spirits; they just need a bit of a break in the wind and snow to push the last 3000′ to the top of Denali.

Here’s Jason!


(Apologies, if you saw this earlier and it was a bit confusing!  We had a bit of a technical glitch with accessing the server to fully edit the post.)

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  1. Excellent that you have extra days to sit the weather out. Fingers crossed for that 12 hour window soon allowing you all to summit.
    More eye spy?🤨😆.

  2. So great to hear your voice. We are all anxiously awaiting news of your summit! We love you and miss you. R, J & O xxx PS: No appendicitis or other hospitalisations while you are away this time!

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