May 14 Team Hangs at Camp 3

Derek calls in a nicely detailed update from Camp 3 last night. This is the teams 3rd day in Camp 3. They have set up their cache at 16,200′ (4937m) but have been held back from moving up the mountain due to weather. All of our teams higher up on the mountain are in the same holding pattern. The upper mountain has been experiencing high winds and frigid temps. High Camp (where currently two Mountain Trip teams are stationed) is seeing gusts of 45mph, and wind chills of up to -30F. The summit is seeing temps even colder in the -40s (wind chill). Winds can frequently foil a climbers plan, but especially when combined with such temperatures. These conditions make for very tough, borderline unsafe climbing conditions and we have at least three teams who wisely have stayed put until conditions improve. The forecast is looking good for Saturday and Sunday as winds will calm and temperatures are predicted to rise, it may even be above 0F at Camp 3 which feels pretty balmy without wind and an intense sun shining down on the reflective snow! It is remarkable what the body will acclimate to, and how such a day would have many folks wearing their lightest layers.

With the positive forecast going forward, the team hopes to be moving to High Camp today or tomorrow.



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