May 14 Back in Highcamp

Brett reports the team made it safely back to High Camp! Congratulations again to this team for their efforts. Summit day is a long day with many variables and we are glad to hear the team was able to summit and get back to High Camp in time for a little sleep. Yesterday they descended back to Camp 3 at 14,200′ (4328m), had a snack that wasn’t dehydrated meals, and had a bit of a break and some rest. Last night they moved through the night to descend 7,000′ (2133m) back to Basecamp at 7,200′ (2194m) and hopefully caught a ride out this morning back to Talkeetna at 348′ (106m) where it is warm, the birds are chirping, and the landscape is green and alive!

Sunset at High Camp

Here’s Brett:


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