May 13 Team – Carry Day to 10,200′

John Race called in a message last night to report that the May 13th team made a carry of supplies up to the head of the Kahiltna Glacier, at about 10,200′.  They dug a deep hole in the snow, buried all their kit, and then dropped back down to their Camp 1 at 7,800′ to spend the night.  This is called, “climbing high and sleeping low.”  It allows the team to move their mountain of supplies and also ease their bodies into the thinner air of each successive camp.

The plan for today will be to move up past their cache of supplies and establish themselves in a beautiful basin at about 11,200′.  As with most things in the mountains, the plan is subject to change, but if the  weather looks favorable, they should call in from Camp 2 this evening.

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