May 13 Team – at Camp 1

The crew flew to the glacier yesterday and initially thought that they might benefit more from slowing down and getting some rest, rather than hitting the ground running, so they slept in a bit this morning.  When they awoke, temperatures were still quite cold, so they decided that they might as well get the best of both worlds- a good night’s sleep and moving on up the glacier!

They packed up their kit and loaded up their packs and sleds for the 5 mile hike to a flat spot on the huge Kahiltna Glacier located at about 7,800′.  This is the traditional Camp 1 for most Denali climbers, and the views looking up the Northeast Fork of the Kahiltna at the immense south face of Denali are inspiring.

Everyone did well and moved right along.  They are eating dinner and looking forward to another nice night’s sleep, this one a bit higher up than the previous.

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