May 12th West Buttress Denali Expedition – Made it to Camp 2!

Despite experiencing some challenging weather conditions throughout the day, the May 12th West Buttress Denali Expedition has made it to Camp 2!

But, you’d be hard-pressed to know how hard their day was from this bubbly and laughter-filled audio recording from Assistant Guide Ashley Klassen! Clearly, this team is having no fun at all up there….

Jokes aside, give it a listen to hear what “get to know you” game the team played last night!

Audio Recording

The Cook Tent: where an expedition truly becomes a team.

The Cook Tent is a sacred space for our Denali expeditions. It’s where the team gets nourishment from a hot meal after a long hard day. It’s where conversations lead to deeper connections amongst expedition mates. It’s where games are played, stories are shared, and a group of random climbers becomes a cohesive expedition team. We place a lot of value on team-bonding at Mountain Trip and we try to remember that even though climbing Denali is a serious endeavor, it can also be A LOT OF FUN!

Nothing like a good game of cards in the Cook Tent!

We are so excited that the May 12th West Buttress Denali Expedition has made it to Camp 2, joining our other teams at 11,000′ on the tallest mountain in North America! 

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