May 11 Team Takes a Rest Day at High Camp

Craig updates us from 17,200′ (5242m) last night. The team had a rest day yesterday after moving to High Camp the day before, which is a pretty big push! The team spent the day drinking lots of warm fluids, testing out some dehydrated meals, and praying for good weather. There really isn’t too much to report today! The team is enjoying some great views at the moment as they wait. When it is time for their summit attempt, they still need to gain about 3,000′ (914m) to the summit in about 2.5 miles. They will start out by crossing a flat expanse of the glacier on their way to Denali Pass where they will cross the Autobahn. This section of the route is protected with fixed pickets that each rope team climbs into as the cross the Autobahn. Denali Pass tops out at 18,200′ (5547m). Here the team crosses another flat expanse of the glacier known as the Football Field. After this the team will ascend their last hill on the way to the summit, known as Pig Hill. Ascending Pig Hill brings the team to the summit ridge where they can take their final steps to the top of North America.

Looking at the weather forecast, the team may be waiting a couple days for a good window. But we hope it can be sooner!

A 2021 team on the high ridge

Craig’s report:


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