May 11 West Buttress Team Moves To Camp 3!

Nadia Khoso called in from the West Buttress expedition’s new digs in the broad Genet Basin at 14,200 feet. The team retraced their steps from yesterday’s carry to their cache site, collected some of their gear, and climbed another 700 feet up to the site of their Camp 3.

The team did really well today, making the climb in just six hours, which is a really good time. Everyone sounds well and their good time today is a testament to their training that each climber put in over the past 6-12 months. Denali is really, really hard work and investing in your climb by training for months in advance is mandatory for most mortals.

The team will have a relatively easy day tomorrow. They’ll drop back down to their cache site and retrieve the rest of their supplies. This means they’ll be able to sleep in and be a bit more leisurely than most of the previous days.

Here’s Nadia with a special shout out to her brother – Congratulations on your graduation!!


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