May 11 Team – SUMMIT! CUMBRE!!

Congratulations to the members of our May 11th West Buttress team, who are standing on the summit of Denali! Strong work team!!!

We don’t have a lot of details at the moment, but the team made good time ascending over 3000 feet from their High Camp at 17,200 feet. They departed camp just before 9:30 this morning and reached the top of North America at 6:00 Alaska time. It was a clear, stunning day and the team was graced with huge views of the Alaska Range.

Here is their call from the summit!


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  1. This is Danny Boy calling Broadsword…..Good job Broadsword to you and your team!!! You are all amazing. From glacier landing to summit in 15 days!!!! Spectacular! Be safe and have fun on the descent! Our love to all.

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