May 15 Team Updates in Dutch!

I cannot give much detail about this update, as it is beyond my grasp of languages… BUT- our amazing international community of followers have come to my rescue!

Marlies Neefjes called in an update, after the May 15th team had a “great day of walking with beautiful weather.”  They picked up their cache below Camp 3 today, and everyone did great.

Climbing is such a global passion that it is really great to have climbers from around the world join us in the Alaska Range.  We love that they can share their experiences with friends and family back home, in their own words.  On occasion, this leaves us a bit uncertain as to what to type in our updates!

The team is acclimatizing at 14,200′ on the West Buttress route.  They will spend at least several more nights at this elevation, during which time they will carry loads up onto the ridge above camp.  They need to ferry supplies up high before they push their camp up to the 17,200′ High Camp.  The weather has been really uncooperative of late, and the forecast is for high winds for part of this week.  Fortunately, the team has plenty of food and fuel, so they will just keep building their foundation of acclimatization as they wait patiently for a break in the weather.

Here is… Marlies!

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  1. This call is not from team may 11th. It’s a woman called Marlies Neefjes and she is talking about pickin up their staff from the depot and had a great day of walking with beautifull weather. And she says hi to everyone;-)

    Hopefully this translation will help you to figure out for who this call is!

    Kind regards,

    (wife of Fred de Jong, member of team May 11:-)

    • Thank you Petra!!!

      If she had called in with a report in Spanish, French or Italian, I could have helped, but my Dutch is limited to Heineken….

      I just spoke with the guides form the team and they are about to carry loads up onto the Ridge above Camp 3. Fred is doing great!!

      Kind regards,


  2. Greetings in any language, as long as you are happy and safe! One giant mountain – a stroll in God’s creation. Enjoy the view! Way to, little brother! Hugs!

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