May 10th Denali West Buttress Team — At Camp 14,200′ & preparing to cache on the ridge

Patrick calls in from Camp 14,200 feet during a rest day due to poor weather. The team plans to climb the fixed lines on May 21 and cache up on the 16,000 ft ridge. This is a physically demanding day on steep terrain and important for allowing the body to acclimatize. After descending back to Camp 3 for the night, they will be poised to make a move for high camp and the summit when weather allows! Stay tuned!



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  1. Go get em!!! Good to hear your voice Patrick and glad all are healthy and strong. Prayers for good weather, continued safety, and a summit!!!

  2. Loving the updates Patrick! Just listened to Dave’s update from just below high camp. We are in Maui and the family says hi and sends their love and positive vibes! Sounds like the team is working great together and having fun. Can’t wait to see the photos and hear some trip/summit stories. Keep crushing it and see you soon!!!

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