May 10th West Buttress Denali Expedition – Weather Day at Camp 2

The May 10th West Buttress Denali Expedition took a “Weather Day” today as stormy weather kept them hunkered in their tents for most of the day. But, the May 10th Team emerged heroically from their tents to welcome the May 12th Team into Camp 2 and help them set up camp. 

Lead Guide Logan called in with the update. Check it out!

Audio Recording

Camp 2 at 11,000′ on the West Buttress Route on Denali.

One thing that makes the experience of climbing Denali with Mountain Trip a special one is getting to know the other Mountain Trip teams on the mountain! We intentionally schedule our trips to depart within a few days of each other so that they can all work together when hard times arise on the climb. We consider every climber on a Mountain Trip expedition to be a part of our family, and we pride ourselves on having each other’s backs up there.

Today, while Logan and the May 10th Team rested in their tents, the May 12th Team had a difficult move day under inclement weather to get to Camp 2. When they arrived at Camp 2, likely a bit tired and weather-worn, the May 10th Team selflessly offered to help them set up camp and get settled in to life at 11,000′.

Way to go, May 10th Team!

Teamwork makes the dream work, and we love to see the support you all have for each other!  

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  1. From Your On The Ground
    Supporter I can Personally Attest to the Efforts Mountain Trip makes to FAMILY, TEAM BONDING, efforts to Schedule MT Teams closely to HAVE EACH OTHER’S BACK UP THERE! Yes that’s the highest Summit in North America! 20310 Elevation. WAY to GO MOUNTAIN TRIP 2024 DENALI SEASON!

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