May 10 Denali Team Moves to Camp 2

Dave Artusi called in a report today from 11,000′, the site of the team’s Camp 2. Unfortunately, the transmission was pretty garbled, a result of the steep walls of ice that border camp to the south and prevent good satellite connections. The team moved up today from their previous camp at 7,800′. They stopped at the site of their cache and grabbed some shovels that they later used to establish their new camp.

The basin in which they are currently camped is one of the more beautiful spots on the route. It is surrounded on three sides by steep snow and ice, laced to the north by dark bands of rock and opening to the west so that they can see out across the tundra that stretches to the Bering Sea. The team did great today and earned their dinner of burritos!

Here’s Dave:


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