Lucky Lindy Denali Climb

Welcome to the Lucky Lindy Denali expedition!

Those of you who know, or even better (!) have had the opportunity to climb with Doug Lindauer will completely understand the moniker that has been bestowed upon this team.  We would never want to “jinx” a team, but Doug has had an uncanny aptitude to summon amazing weather for his summit day.  We’ll see if his aptitude holds true in the arctic!

On Friday, May 11, 2012, a team of three climbers met in Anchorage, Alaska to finish their preparations for their attempt to climb the biggest mountain in north America – Denali.

Let’s meet the team!

Doug Lindauer, from Atlanta (by way of Austin, TX – go Longhorns!)
Kim Inwersen from Switzerland
Max Ingwersen from Switzerland

Zach Johnson from Anchorage, AK
Matt Pickeren from Bayfield, CO

The author of this post has had the opportunity to climb with Doug, and while I will attempt to maintain a proper level of gravitas, those of you who know Doug will appreciate his propensity to keep humor at the forefront under adverse circumstances.  This expedition is a big step up in terns of challenge, duration and commitment.  The climbers are pitting themselves against the slopes of the biggest peak on our continent, an arctic behemoth that can generate its own weather.

The Lucky Lindy Team and the Tyler Team, about to head to Talkeetna

Doug, Zach, Kim and Max, outside of Talkeetna

Doug, making friends in Talkeetna!






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