Let’s Meet Our January 14 Aconcagua Team

Today, a group of climbers are meeting in the city of Mendoza, Argentina to finalize their preparations to attempt to climb the highest peak in the America, Aconcagua.  At 22,841′ (6962m), it is the highest peak outside the Himalaya and represents the roof of South America.  The mountain is on the east side of the Chile/Argentina border, and, as it is less than 100 miles from the Pacific Ocean.  That proximity to the ocean can result in  furious weather patterns, sometimes known as “El Viento Blanco” (the white wind).

Mendoza is a lovely place to meet for an expedition, as it is full of great restaurants and the warm climate offers plenty of opportunities to wander the town, and take in it’s numerous parks.  The region is the capital of the Argentine wine making industry, and Mendoza is famous for a range of great wines.

After meeting, the guides will conduct equipment checks, to ensure that all the climbers have the right kit for their adventure.  They plan to go out for a nice welcome dinner this evening and will drive 2.5 hours towards the trailhead tomorrow.  tomorrow night will be spent at a ski lodge known as Penitentes, and they will hit the trail on Wednesday morning, hiking about 8 miles to the site of their first camp.  The expedition will take a little over two weeks to complete, with the team camping as high as 20,000′ en route to the summit.

Let’s meet the team!


Joe and Belinda Pioggia from Massachussetts

Sam Mangum from Colorado

Kim Jordan from Colorado

David Artusi from Colorado


Fermin Avila from Argentina

Jared Vilhauer from Colorado

Agustin Karriere from Argentina


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