Kilimanjaro Wrap Up

Jason writes in to give us a final update on the Kilimanjaro Trek:

What a journey it has been. All the preparation and training required to show up ready to climb one of the tallest peaks in the world with a group of unfamiliar people in an unfamiliar place is like nothing else. We all climb for different reasons but the memories we hold will last forever. From the moment we left home the adventure began. Leaving our comfort zones of home and ascending the slopes of Kilimanjaro. Sleeping in tents in rocky terrain and below freezing temperatures while pushing ourselves to our physical limits leaves a permanent impression that will last a lifetime. It brings a group of random strangers together from all walks of life, and that is beautiful.

The first thing people always ask is, “did you summit?”. I would like to change that way of thinking to “how was your trip?”, “how did it impact you?”, “what was the most special moment?”, “what did you take away from this experience?”. The 10 minutes on the summit are always special. The most valuable part of these trips are pushing hard up the trail, the times laughing in the cook tent, cracking jokes, the camaraderie, and the incredible scenery along the way. These things are what keep us coming back for more.

We efficiently moved each day up the mountain in good style. We worked together and gave it our all to complete our goal. Climbing thousands of feet having views we have only seen from airplanes. We elected to climb the Lemosho Route to the Western Breach. Taking this route is the longer way up the mountain, but is also less frequented, giving us more of a wilderness experience. Having more time on the mountain gives the team a greater chance to acclimate to the altitude as well. Starting in the rainforest, among the monkeys, we ascended into the Heather and Moorland zone. On this day of our trip we were able to get our first close up view of the magnificent peak we were about to climb. Above the moorland plateau we entered the ancient lava fields. On summit day we ascend to the crater of this old volcano. It’s a bit of a scramble to reach the top, but we enjoyed a glorious sunny summit before making our way back down a slightly different route. From here we walked back into the forest and through banana plantations back to the waiting vehicles.

Thank you so much for your support and following along!
Lead guide Jason Denley and the Mountain Trip Team
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