Kilimanjaro Team Summits Today!

The team stood on top of Kilimanjaro today! The left the Arrow Glacier camp in the middle of the night, climbing up through the Western Breach to reach the summit crater at sunrise. They continued across the flat crater floor, and then climbed the last bit up the remnant crater rim to the highest point and the summit of Kilimanjaro. The work wasn’t done there as they started their long, nearly 10,000ft descent down to the Mweka camp.

Here’s the dispatch from the team back down in camp after a great summit day:

“Today we departed to the summit of Kili at 12:30am and hit the crater rim at sunrise. Watching the full moon set and the sun come around was incredible. It was an absolutely beautiful day. Everyone did a really great job and what an experience it was. From the summit, we descended around 10,000 ft to the Mweka Camp. The team is in good health and back in camp about to sit down for dinner and ready to get a good night sleep. We will exit the park in the morning and head to the River Trees Lodge where everyone is excited to get a much deserved shower. I’m very proud of the effort that each team member has put forth today!”   – Jason Denley, Lead Guide


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  1. It’s been fun following along with your hike & loved the picture of your summit experience with the moon setting & the sun rising! That had to be exhilarating! Anxious to see pictures! Love & good health!
    Janet, Larry & Mom/Gan

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