Kilimanjaro Montesanti team at the Moir Hut

Unfortunately the team has had a hard time getting satellite phone service to call in audio updates from the field. Hopefully in the coming days they will be able to get some reception from the mountain!

Lead guide Fischer Hazen sent in a couple of updates on the team’s progress via InReach: “Couldn’t get service on the ridge. No dispatch! But awesome move today, 5 hrs to camp. Crew is feeling good and excited to be above tree line.”

Today, July 24, the team had about a five hour day along the trail to reach the Moir Hut, above treeline, at approximately 13,600′, which serves as a great acclimatization zone.

The team is having a great time and really enjoying their local porter crew, playing soccer at camps and experiencing the local culture.

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  1. We are looking forward to hearing updates on Kili … most especially from Matt Mills and Avery Thomas. Thank you!

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