Kilimanjaro Team At Shira 1

The team trekked up out of the rainforest today and climbed up into the alpine heath zone of Kilimanjaro. They trekked about  5 miles gaining over 2000 ft up tho the Shira Plateau on the flanks of the mountain.  Shira is one of the three distinct volcanic cones that make up the Kilimanjaro massif and has been long dormant, but does form a distinct lower summit on the flanks of the main volcanic cone.  They are up out of the forest now and the views just continue to get better every step of the way.  Tonight they are settled in to the Shira 1 camp at 11,500ft and they are celebrating Kat’s birthday!

Here’s the evening dispatch from the team…

Kilimanjaro Dispatch Shira 1 Camp

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