Kilimanjaro Team wrapping up their Safari

Jambo (Hi)! It’s a bittersweet moment sitting on the deck at the Ngorongoro Safari Lodge. We are perched high above the Ngorongoro Crater overlooking one of the most beautiful conservation areas in the world, yet it is our last night here in Africa. Our team has enjoyed three days of safari, what an incredible way to end a climbing trip, and been fortunate enough to see many of the most amazing animals and landscapes you could ever dream of. Day one of the safari was spent in Tarangire National Park, here elephants and giraffes abound. Zebra and Wildebeest surround the watering holes and big cats prowl through the grasses. Luck was with us as we were able to get close to a cheetah and her kill as well as witness the beginnings of a lion hunting Wildebeest. Our evening was spent in the Tarangire Safari Lodge, a lodge that overlooks the only water source in the area during the dry season. Over drinks we watched elephants cool off in the stream a few hundred feet below us. Many of us weren’t sure if we were living in a dream, it seemed too perfect. The following two days were spent driving to and around in Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Once again, we were astounded by the quantity of animals living in the dormant caldera. Jackals, Hyenas, Hippos and male Lions helped round out the large animals that we were looking to see. Throughout every park we were able to spot an amazing variety of bird species, many with colors that I had never ever seen.

The trip has been an absolute treat to be a part of. The Montesanti Family, Matt Mills and Avery Thomas not only crushed it on the mountain, but made the past few days of Safari exceptional as well. Congratulations everyone on an incredibly successful trip to Africa! Huge thank you to the local crew for all the amazing food, camaraderie, porters, safari guides and local mountain guides.



Here’s a final audio dispatch from Africa from Fischer!

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