Kili Team Arrives at Big Tree Camp

After enjoying some wildlife viewing at the N’darakwai Lodge, the team made for the mountain. They arrived at the Londrossi Gate Park Entrance (7,350 ft/2,250 m), where they began the Lemosho Route.

Jason sent us some Inreach messages with the team update: Today the team checked in the NPS and began our trek up Kili. We walked through the rainforest passing many monkeys and beautiful unique flowers. The team was deep in conversation telling stories of adventures and food. Halfway to camp we had lunch with fried chicken, guacamole, fresh fruit and bread. Everyone is doing great and excited for tomorrow. We plan to get an early start and make our move to Shira 1 Camp. 

The team spent the night at Big Tree Camp 9,120 ft/2,780 m, about 3 miles from the Londrossi Gate. A 2-3 hour trek through a lush rainforest. Soon they will climb above the rainforest and enter the Heather and Moorland Zone.

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