June 18 Team Retrieves Cache

From 11 Camp, the team made a short descent to retrieve their cache. This system of caching allows the team to move manageable loads up the mountain and acclimate at the same time. The team arrived on the glacier with an incredible amount of food and supplies to take care of themselves for 21 days on the mountain, and while they are eating (!!) their way through the supplies they still have heavy, heavy loads. Lead Guide Karl is renown for his mountain cuisine and I’m confident that the team is eating well.

The team plans to put in another cache tomorrow, at over 13,000′.

denali camp 2

Denali Camp 2, 11,200′


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  1. Prayers and blessing to the June 18 Team and all Teams on their challenging adventure. All your love ones and friends back home are cheering each of you on with boundless energy and enthusiasism. We send all our love to each of you. Dusty

  2. So exciting! Thank you for sharing your journey with us June 18 Team! All of us from Crossfit MBS are cheering you on! Can’t wait to hear the next report.

  3. Prayers continue as you progress up the mountain. We so appreciate your updates please keep them coming. Can’t wait to see all the great pictures you all must be taking too! Everyone here sends their love and are so excited for your expedition. Go June 18 Team West Buttress!

  4. Amazing news and update. Wish you all to be safe and strong. Lots of positive thoughts and energy is with you. 😊

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