June 18 Team Moves to 14 Camp

It sounds like Windy Corner lived up to its name today, but the team was able to push through and they made it to 14 Camp. From 11 Camp, the team ascended Motorcycle Hill, Squirrel Hill, crossed the Polo fields then made a big left hand turn up and around Windy Corner. They passed their cache site of the day before and continued ascending into the beautiful Genet basin. In today’s trip report, Miles notes what a difference a day makes, in terms of weather. Each day is a new day and team must evaluate the conditions with a fresh perspective.


denali windy corner

Mountain Trip team above Windy Corner.


Mount Foraker

Looking south across the 14,200′ camp. Mount Foraker (17,402′), the second tallest peak in the Alaska Range, dominates the horizon.


Here’s Miles:

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