June 15 Team: Philly Cheesesteaks and Tea at 14 Camp

They are moving on up! The June 15 Team left 11 Camp, ascended Motorcycle Hill, Squirrel Hill, rounded Windy Corner and arrived in the beautiful Genet basin. It sounds like the weather was a bit spicy around Windy Corner, but the team pushed through and they are happy and settled in 14 Camp, enjoying Philly cheesesteaks and hot tea!! Not too shabby! Lead guide Fischer and guides Nick, Dodge and Tyler are taking good care of the crew.
The plan tomorrow is to make the short descent to their cache, and return to 14 Camp.


denali camp at 14200

Denali 14 Camp. Note the snow walls teams build to fortify camp from the wind that howls through the basin.


Here’s Fischer:

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