June 11 Team Attempts Move to 11 Camp

Today the team attempted to move from Camp 1 (7800′) to 11 Camp (11,200′). However, the storm system that has been sitting over the Alaska range for the past week has dumped so much snow that travel was too difficult, and the team retreated back to Camp 1. Veteran Mountain Trip guides are reporting more snow than they’ve ever encountered on Denali. Tough conditions!

Here’s today’s report from Cory:


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  1. Hi Ryan and Teri,
    All is well here. Sending prayers your way for better weather. We are in the middle of a heat wave here. In spite of this, the doggies are happy and eager to go out for walks in the morning and the evening. I’m continuing to prepare for the France trek and enjoying barre3. Love you both, Mom/Cathy

  2. Hi Teri! My kids finally finished school on Wednesday. Now we can begin summer. Anna Scott is taking her driving test now and we are getting ready to plan some long weekends to Maine and Canada. I am out of the large air cast and in a splint! I have gone to one crutch and I am trying to refrain from using that! My walk doesn’t look natural but I am getting better and I walked up the stairs alternating feet yesterday. I hope the weather breaks for you. Stay safe and enjoy the journey!

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