June 11 Team at Base Camp

Due to the weather, the team had a bit of a delay flying out of Talkeetna to the Kahiltna Glacier. It’s not uncommon for teams to be delayed in Talkeetna and it’s not an uncomfortable place to spend a few extra hour. As soon as the weather cooperated, the team mobilized and flew in to Base Camp. It sounds like everyone is happy and enjoying the first part of this journey!


denali base camp

Denali Base Camp!


Here’s Jim with the first team report:




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  1. Great !!! I wish I could clear my head from all the “world noise” the same way you do Mr.Rickards 😉 Good luck.

  2. Jim,
    Happy Father’s Day! You’re an inspiration to your children…and mine!
    I’ll be tracking you all the way!
    Susan 🐕

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