June 9th Denali Team Carries To 10,000′

Ross Jobson called in from our June 9th team’s Camp 1 on the Kahiltna Glacier. He and the team carried loads of supplies up the glacier to about 10,000 feet, just below Kahiltna Pass, the low point between Denali and neighboring Mount Capps. They pulled their heavy sleds up a long slope known as Ski Hill and traveled about four miles up glacier to put in their “cache.”

One a long trip like Denali, climbers will often carry a portion of their food, gear and supplies up ahead of their camp, dig a deep hole in the snow and bury it. This is often referred to as, “climbing high and sleeping low.” It allows a team to carry the mountain of supplies uphill by splitting the quantity up. It also enables climbers to ease into higher elevations by giving their bodies a taste of thinner air, but then sleeping back at their lower camp, creating better acclimatization.

It sure sounds hot on the glacier! But you should hear it for yourself.

Here’s Ross!


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