June 8 Denali West Buttress — MEET THE CLIMBERS!


The June 8 team has flown in to Denali Base Camp on the Kahiltna Glacier at 7,200′, where they will begin their 21-day journey to the highest point in North America, 20,310′. They will gain upwards of 13,000′ of elevation along the classic West Buttress Route. They met in Anchorage, Alaska a couple of days ago to do a final gear check, to pack snacks to fuel them up the mountain and go over last-minute logistics. From there, they drove three hours north to the small, end of the road hamlet of Talkeetna, the gateway to Denali National Park and the jumping-off point for most expeditions into the Alaska Range.

Let’s meet the climbers!

Martha Misztal, from the UK.
Seamus Lawless, joining us from Ireland.
Jen Copeland, of Ireland.

The trip will be led by long-time Mountain Trip guide Scott Woolums, who will be assisted by Terrell Moore. When they begin ascending the route, they will call in audio updates whenever possible to let us know of their progress and position on the mountain.

Feel free to leave comments of encouragement for your loved ones on the trip, but keep in mind that climbers wont be able to read comments until they return to the relative civilization of Talkeetna after their trip has ended. Please keep in mind that NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS. From certain places on the route, satellite phone connection is hard to establish, namely at Camp Two at 11,200′ or during severe storms. Other times, the team will be traveling on a different schedule to avoid the heat of the day, or will be too tired to call in after a particularly strenuous day on the route.

Best of luck to the guides and climbers! We will post photos from the team as soon as we receive them!

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  1. Day one Marta, just so you know. I’ve not f***ed your Instagram account yet 😉 still plenty of time!
    Start of a long 3 and a bit weeks. No news is good news! Keep strong. Missing you already
    Lots of love

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