June 7 Team – Rest and Acclimatization Day at High Camp

Lead Guide Sebastian (Seba) Grau called in from High Camp. The team took a planned rest and acclimatization day at 17,200′ today, resting and letting their bodies adjust to the much thinner air of this camp. We generally plan to take this day, as most teams really benefit from spending a day recuperating from the big push climbing up 3000′ from their previous camp.

Everyone is doing great and they will awaken early tomorrow morning, have breakfast and copious amounts of hot beverages and start looking out of the tent at the upper mountain. If things look favorable, they will head uphill, climbing a long, rising traverse for a thousand feet to a point where they can finally take a break in a feature called Denali Pass. Above Denali Pass there are a couple of steep bits and a lot of rolling terrain before the team will reach a long flat stretch known as The Football Field. This feature gives access to a 500′ slope leading up to the absolutely stunning, knife-edged ridge rising gently up to the highest point in North America.

Let’s all think calm thoughts, and hope that the wind is mellow tomorrow morning!

Here’s Seba:

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