June 6th Team – Back in Talkeetna!

Sean, Callie and Blake called in from the thick, warm air of Talkeetna after descending from the summit of Denali over the past couple of days.

The hike out from High Camp is no picnic, as they still have heavy packs and sleds to transport down glacier. Hauling a sled downhill can be a test of patience, as even with the support of a climber on the rope behind you attempting to control your sled. Turns out that gravity still works, even on Denali! That sled will always seem to do its best to take you out at the heels.

As they dropped out of their former Camp 2 at 11,000′, they were graced with the sublime beauty of alpenglow turning the western peaks of the Alaska Range hues of pink and orange. Hiking out the upper Kahiltna Glacier under the midnight sun can be a wonderful experience.

Here are the climbers!


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