June 5 Team Backcarries to Windy Corner

Yesterday the team was able to sleep in and leave camp when the sun was shining warmly on the tents. They walked leisurely back to their cache site at 13,200′ (3413m), dug up their supplies, and walked back up to camp. Combined with some rest and snacks, the team also geared up to practice using ascenders with all their big puffy layers which makes things adequately challenging and hands much less dextrous. Ascenders are a progress capture device that allows climbers to move up a rope, but when pulled downhill the teeth of the device will bite into the rope and prevent a fall.


Here’s Jason with a shoutout to Cheyenne!


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  1. J Woo!!
    You all are just amazing, keep it up and I hope the momentum carries you all to the summit! determination and grit, at its finest 🙂

  2. Loving the recordings because I get to hear how strong and happy everyone sounds. Best wishes for getting around in your “puffy stuff”!

  3. Zack- keep up the climbing! Don’t be afraid to use your singing skills (demonstrated in yesterday’s message) to motivate the team!

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