June 5 Denali – Let’s Meet The Team!

Today a small team of climbers are assembling in Anchorage to meet our guide team in preparation for their attempt on North America’s tallest mountain – Denali.  They will review the plan for the climb, finish packing portions of each climber’s lunch snacks and the guides will review all of their clothing an equipment.  The afternoon will undoubtedly entail some running around Anchorage, purchasing last minute items that team members might need or choose to upgrade.

Let’s meet the climbers!

Greg Johnson is joining us from Australia

David and John Ladd are from Colorado

Newall Hunter is from the UK


Our guides for the climb are:

Ben Adkison from… well – Ben is a traveling man, spending half his year each year in Antarctica!  We’ll say Montana!

Karl Welter is from Colorado, but spent the past winter in France.

Today is a busy day checking kit and running around town.  Tomorrow the team will load up in our van and make the 2.5 hour drive to Talkeetna, where they will prepare to fly to the glacier.

They will call in updates when possible, but it can be tough to communicate from deep in the Alaska Range, so please keep in mind the old adage, No News Is Good News,” if a post is not updated on a daily basis.



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