June 4 Team Cached at 10,000 ft

The June 4 team had a snowy day down low on Denali, but they were able to get their job done and carry a load of food and fuel up to around 10,000 ft where they cached it deep in the snow. The strategy for the rest of the expedition will be to split the workload up by carrying a load of supplies up high, caching it under the snow, and returning to camp for another night. This breaks up the big loads as well as provides an opportunity to “climb high and sleep low” to allow the climbers to acclimatize to the increasingly higher altitudes as they move up the mountain.

Here’s Eric with the evening expedition dispatch from the June 4 team:

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  1. “On top of Ole Smokey, all covered with snow” …… oops! Wrong snowy mountain song! Best wishes to you all….Al & Dee Bauernschmidt

  2. Go Veronica! It’s exciting to follow your adventure on line — I am sharing it with the whole family and they find it fascinating! Anxious to hear about it on your return. Friend at XOM.

  3. Hi Kevin — Sending Hello from University of Colorado – we are all excited for you and your team – it is great to follow your adventure! Go Kevin!!! Amy Gannon and Ginger

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